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The Definitive Sorcelator Timeline

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Saga Timeline


The history of the Second World is somewhat... sketchy. Some people say this is our Earth, and some even claim that is the world of Elspinster saga, or some other fantasy work... Most fans agree that the Elspinster Saga was the so-called "First World" which was followed by our modern world (the "Second World") and then followed by the Third World of Fehtahn.


So far this much is known: the history of this world is (or will be) divided into Eleven Eons, numbered in reverse order from the Tenth to the Zeroth. We are currently in the Eighth. So far each new Eon has come with a new world order. It is unknown if this trend will continue.


The Tenth Eon (First World)


The Ninth Eon (Second World)


The Eighth Eon (Third World)


0 The Disastrophe. The Old Verses are recited and the Second World changes into Third World. First Sorcelators appear, able to wield the Elementials and understand it. The mysterious (and remarkably ingenious) First Versions become the dominant group and set up a shadowy government.

12 - Creation of Nova Zone

19 - Birth of Akimbo (first of the Gleaming Enchanted Pistol Lords).

35 - Jagwarriors raids begin.

45 - Akimbo invites any Sorcelators who possess guns to become Gleaming Enchanted Pistol Lords in his service to fight the Jagwarrior menace.

46 - Battle of Guns and Claws. Lord Akimbo dies in battle.

55 - Cybercrafters appear. Sethapock crafts his famous 99 ultraguns.

56 - Gleaming Enchanted Pistol Lord Ronaldd declares himself Moonarch of the First Moonarchy.

60 - Moonarch Ronaldd killed and murdered by Ninja Rockers. Sorcelator ghettos created.

64 - Badass Revolution. Sorcelators break free. MegaWar.

99 - MegaWar ends. The Most Extreme Powerkegger of All Time, the awesomest party ever apart from The Party Beyond Time, creates the Laser Guitar Sea.

100 - creation of Mistress Skull. She begins the Skull Wars to destroy all Humans

317 Reign of Rack Cheerabat. He rules most of the world for 130 years, but is stopped by Three Challengers - Last reliable dating of probably true events from the Bedarkened Ages.


465 - The Great Apochraphon wipes out three-quarters of Fehtahn's population when the Source Well becomes severely unbalanced. The mysterious race, known as the First Versions, that was dominant during the first 400 years of the Third World are wiped out, leaving behind a massive legacy of poorly understood advanced technology. All time before this point makes up the Bedarkened Ages.

466 - Thus begins the Second Age of the Third Age (Third World)


499 - The Imperious Dozen is formed to fight the threat of future apochraphon events.


587 - A large meteor, composed largely of Extremium, strikes the planet's surface, imbuing the world with an extreme amount of Extremeness and triggering Grimm Shado's birth.


665 - NOW


10,000 - Grimm is brought back from cyber hell in order to fight the universes greatest foe EXTREEME DOLPHIN and his army of demonic guitar slayers


The Seventh Eon


The Sixth Eon


The Fifth Eon


The Fourth Eon


The Third Eon


The Second Eon


The First Eon


The Zeroth Eon



The Eleventh Eon

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