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Parodies, References and Shameless Rip-offs

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Parodies, References and Shameless Rip-offs


As a hugely successful franchise, ELotH:TES The Song of the Sorcelator has infected popular culture. Whether it's merely a quick reference to it, a full blown parody, or an idiotic shill in an attempt to make money, you'll find it here.




Epic Legends of the Hie-whatevers. I don't know who this "Tycho Brahe" loser is (if that's even his REAL name), but his series is a total, completely inferior, rip-off of The Song of the Sorcelator. His protagonists don't even have two wands.




Episode 86 of the popular Japanese anime ElamenSTAR contains an obvious reference. A character dressed as Grimm Shado shows up, kicks unbelievable amounts of ass, scores with a bunch of bangin'-hot chicks, then rockets away on a jetpack fueled by awesome.

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