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Hurt and Burn

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Hurt and Burn


Hurt and Burn are the twin wands wielded by Grimm Shado, the hero of L H Franzibald's extreme work The Song of the Sorcelator.



Grimm Shado obtained Hurt during his adventures on the large island of Gloxfarb VII, chornicled in Chapter 3 of The Song of the Sorcelator. After fighting off the X-treme Zombie Cyberbikervixen Gang at the base of the volacano, Mount Destructor, Grimm darkly and handsomely (and dangerously) tossed a severed zombie cyberbikervixen head into the heart of the volanco. This angered the dark Pain Lord within the mountain, Lord Hurt. After a bodacious battle with Lord Hurt, Grimm handsomely and darkly (and dangerously) punched a hole through his enemy with his bare fist, and tore out his bad and evil (and black) heart, which he used to fashion his first wand.


Grimm obtained his second wand, Burn, at Logthrax's Discount Wand Store during a Hypersale (50% off selected wands, neural jacks, and selected other cybermagical items).


As their names imply, Hurt is capable of causing extreme and unbearable (and awesome) amounts of pain without leaving a mark, while Burn can fry and melt (and liquify) anything without causing any pain at all. So far beyond the limit is Shado, that he usually disdains the apparently sensible idea of using the wands on individuals, and insteads focuses his uber wrath of hurting and burning on enemies one at a time.

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