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Grimm Shado

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Grimm Shado

Race: Human
Elementials: Fieriness, Bedarkening





Gruff, manly (and dangerous) hero of the brilliant L H Franzibald's seminal work The Song of the Sorcelator, Grimm Shado is a man on a mission. He is a Sorcelator (really a Xorcelator) of Fieriness and Bedarkening - two of the Elementials (of which there are seven) present in Franzibald's inspired fantasy series - and in this respect is separate from the other Sorcelators in that he can manipulate two Elementials at once. This concept, like everything else in the Sorcelator books, combines compelling imagery with off the cuff cool that draws the reader in and promotes visceral excitement.


Grimm's quest in life is twofold; primarily, he searches the post-apocalyptic deserts of his world (Fehtahn) relentlessly for the details of his true parentage, living as a nomadic "Spellbiker". Secondarily, he seeks to darkly and handsomely (and dangerously) score with totally bitchin' hot Cyberpunk Wasteland Chicks.


Throughout the Sorcelator Saga, Grimm fights manifold foes, most of them completely fresh and original - often, made even more awesome by their deadly bionic parts. The Cybercthonicswinemen or the Robo-Chair Brigade are perfect examples of this. Additionally there are several recurring groups of villains who hold numerous dark secrets from Grimm's darkly enshadowed past - most notably, the Pirate Assassins and their Metal Friends, or his arch nemesis General Grabflank.


In Return of the Witchaloks II, it is revealed that Grimm Shado is the asocially conceived offspring of a Witchalok. Whether he is in fact therefore a hermaphroditic androgynite has not been revealed.




Grimm Shado's primary weapons, when he is not using his considerable robo-kung-fu prowess to manually pummel his enemies, are his twin cybermagical Wands, Hurt and Burn. Almost everyone, even the most jaded of fantasy fans, tends to agree that Hurt and Burn are "pretty awesome". Quotes from high-ranking members of the Song community, and other communities (even those stupid ELotH:TES bitches know that Hurt and Burn rock!) include "Two wands? That's actually pretty bitchin' man." or "Jesus, think of all the stuff you could do with two wands."


In addition to his twin wands, Grimm possesses cyber-enhanced triple wand claws. Like cyberpunk-inspired retractable "spurs" (the most well-known example being Wolverine's triple spurs or "claws" in Marvel comic books), these wand claws emerge from the back of Grimm's right hand; each acts both as a conventional spur (for cutting) and as a wand (bringing the total number of wands Grimm regularly uses to five).


Grimm also wears an Extreme Leather Coat, and in Tome 2 briefly was in possession of a Sweet Jetpack.




Grimm woke from a deep and dreamless sleep. Perhaps not quite dreamless. Still rolling around the back of his mind it was there. When he tried to focus on it, inevitably it would slip away like radiation through a barred window. It was the song. The haunting melody that sometimes came far enough into his consciousness that he could almost hum it, but then it would again submerge, tauntingly. What was this half-remembered memory that dogged his mind just after waking or just before drifting off to sleep?

-- The Song of the Sorcelator, page 62


Trivia and Extrania

In each Tome Grimm encounters one character who is a doppleganger, clone, half-brother, alternate dimension mirror image, or other such copy or variation of himself. At times this character becomes an ally, others become deadly foes.


An example of this is Slimm Shado from Tome 2 and the recently revealed Tome 5 villain Shrimm Grado.


Fan art by Daswordian103


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