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Also See: Extremium. Arcanium


Elementials are the main power force for the various Sorcelators in Fehtahn. There are seven known Elementials, it is said that there used to be many more back in the Bedarkened Ages.


Similiar powers are wielded by Witchaloks, known as Arcanium.


Crustarock - Elemential which grants the power over the harsh desert landscape featured prominently in the story.

Gustallus - Elemential of the air, able to create thunder and great winds.

Riverin - Elemential with powers over water.

Fieriness - Elemential of fire, flame, and burning.

Bedarkening - Elemential of darkness and various curses.

Brightatronik - Elemential of light and life.

Mechanosaurian - Elemential of metal and robots.


There also is a substance known as Extremium which is similar to the Elementials, but appears to come from outer space and is not stored within the heart of the world, but rather imbued in certain individuals and items.

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