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The elemential force that has power over all forms of hurt up to and including pain. Many non-Bedarkeners misinterpret this elemential as a force of pure evil. And while it certainly can be used for evil, it is actually the very foundation of ass kicking. Without Bedarkeneing, Fieriness would not burn. Crustarock Sorcelators could strip the meat off their foes with sandstorms and never slow them one bit (apart from killing them). While all Sorcelators use Bedarkening by proxy, few are Extreme enough to channel it directly. Grimm Shado is such a person.


Bedarkening is also the source of curses, who's uses are generally more nefarious than pain. Grimm, however, shows us that this too can be used for the greater good, in Tome 2; when he uses Bedarkening to cure a nasty case of MechaCrabs given to him by EX-Hotica in her mounting confusion over whether to kill Grimm or totally score with him.


"Oh Grimm, that was amazing" she swooned, "But there's something I need to tell you.." "You say something baby?" Grimm called over his shoulder. EX-Hotica's eyes burned red as she silently ordered a seething regiment of tiny MechaCrabs toward her gentlemen lover -- and target. -Night after Dark, p. 152




No small number of cults of Bedarkening have risen and fell over the years. The greatest and most supreme of these cults was called the Servants of The Redarkener, formed during the Skull Wars. The Redarkener's cult maintained that Bedarkening was a seed planted by the Redarkener himself, early in the Disastrophe. Once Bedarkening had 'ripened,' the Redarkener would return, bringing another Disastrophe with him - a Disastrophe even more extreme than the last. This would be forever known as the Redarkening -- but for the grim fact, they claimed, that there exists no being hardcore enough to survive the Redarkening long enough to speak its intensical name. The cult founded the belief that the Redarkening is in fact completely above (to say nothing of beyond) the limit; this could not be farther from possible if it were in the remotest corner of the godforsakenest plane of Absurdia.

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